Abelujo is a free (libre) software whose raison d'être is to help bookshops, either professionals or associations, to manage their stock of books, newspapers, CDs and other products.

It is used daily by professional booksellers as well as restaurants, theaters, associative bookstores or publishers in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and Greece (and maybe more!).

Don't hesitate to contact us to ensure that the software suits your needs, or will.

Current features

What you can test so far:

  • search and add books to your database. You can search by an internet search with keywords, by ISBN/EAN13 or by an advanced search.
    • Abelujo can connect to professional book providers, such as Dilicom in France.
    • We have book sources for french, swiss and spanish books. More will come, but if you want another one, the sooner you tell us, the sooner you'll have it.
  • you can use an usb barcode scanner,
  • you can search, manipulate your stock and have quick insights,
  • do inventories of your shelves,
  • see the history of what happened on your stock,
  • create lists of books,
  • export data into pdf, csv or send emails,
  • manage deposits that you established with editors,
  • and more.

Online catalogue

Abelujo has a companion software to publish the bookstore's catalogue online. Clients can now see what you have, add books to their shopping basket and pass you an order.

It is also free software, that you can freely install yourself. We also provide commercial hosting and support.

Here's a quick preview:

Planned features

We base our development work on solid specifications we wrote and feedback we gather from our professional users. See the specifications page.

Technical documentation

Abelujo is free software, as in "freedom". You can grab the sources and read the techincal documentation to install it yourself, and join the development.

Start. Furnitures.

Choosing the barcode scanner and other furniture

Add new cards

How to search and add new cards to your stock

Working with clients

Reserve books for clients


Mark cards to command, send the list to suppliers


Putting books in lists without touching the stock.


As lists, but adding a book there removes it from the stock


Assign books to their shelves




History of the stock, and actions


Quels outils pour faire sa comptabilité



Users and rights

Create users with "read only" permissions.




Foire aux questions