A sell will register:

  • the date,
  • the mean of payment,
  • a list of books.

We can set the selling price of each book, and also choose a client discount (5 or 30%).

We can also choose a place or a deposit to sell from. In that case, the interactive search will suggest titles that are present in this place or deposit.

If we don't choose a selling place or a deposit and the card is present in both a place (our stock) and a deposit (not ours), then the sell of this card is ambiguous. We'll have to choose, whenever we want, which copy to sell. The sell is not interrupted but an alert is raised, to be resolved later.

warning: the behaviour changed in version 0.6 (november, 2018): if we sell a book for a deposit, we now must choose it. The alerts system is removed and postponed.

Undo a sell

It is possible to undo a sell. Just go the History and click on the cross icon in front of the sell you're interested in.

Sells history

See the History section.