A sell will register:

  • the date,
  • the mean of payment,
  • a list of books.

To sell a book, just scan it (you can scan any title, even one you didn't register yet), or look for it manually with a keyboard search (in that case, it will search in your database only).

You can set the selling price of each book, and also choose a client discount (5% or 30%, but those are customizable).

Note: you can also choose a place to sell from. In that case, the interactive search will suggest titles that are present in this place. This feature isn't encouraged anymore though.

Be sure you installed and configured a ticket printer (we work with the thermal USB EPSON TM-20 printer).

Ask your web browser to print the current page and choose the printer. It will print a specific layout of the page for the receipt.

Explore your printer's parameters. For example, you can tell it to print two copies of the receipt.


The "Get a bill for this client" button will generate a PDF document.

Clients' returns

To accept a client's return, scan the book and just input "-1" in the quantity field.

Vouchers and gift certificates

You can configure the software to have a "Voucher" payment method button to validate a sell. In that case, the sell will be registered, but not counted in the day's total revenue (indeed, the voucher was paid already).

Want more? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Case of books in stock AND in a deposit

If you don't choose a selling place and the card is present in both a place (your stock) and a deposit (not yours), then the sell of this card is ambiguous. Currently, Abelujo chooses to sell the one in stock.

Undo a sell

It is possible to undo a sell. Just go the History and click on the cross icon in front of the sell you're interested in.

Sells history

See the History menu.