• Search and register books You don't need to write everything down anymore. We search the book information on the internet for you. As for now, we have german, french and spanish sources. Do you need another one ? Ask us !

  • Stock management Buy, sell, move books, and get the up to date information of your stock in a few clicks.

  • Deposits If you have deposits from suppliers you'll know in one click what's the current situation.

  • Inventories For a shelf, a place, a deposit.

  • Commands Prepare, send and manage commands until you receive and pay them.

  • Stats Best sells of the month, value of the stock and the deposits, age of the stock,...

  • Barcode scanner It just works and it is straightforward to install.

  • For bookstores Abelujo can be used by associations or professionals.

  • For publishers Managing the deposits and the stock (which can be split among many places) is also thought for publishers.

  • For home We hope it'll be handy
  • For a music distro Because we can look for CDs through discogs.com too !
  • Translated Abelujo is translated in English, French and Spanish.

  • And more Alerts system, history of operations, lists of books,... everything is in the documentation... and in development.


Abelujo is a web application. We can install it on our desktop or on a web server. It runs on GNU/Linux systems (LinuxMint, Debian, Ubuntu, Trisquel, …).

This procedure was tested with Debian 8.

To install Abelujo on your machine, copy this command in a terminal

curl -sS https://gitlab.com/vindarel/abelujo/raw/master/install.sh | bash -

this will download the project, install all its dependencies and open a browser on http://localhost:8000. It takes a few minutes to complete. Login with admin/admin.

See the other instructions on Gitlab.

How to help

Before writing a line of code we wrote the software specifications. We base our work on them now, so you could read them and tell us to what extent what we do will satisfy your needs, or not. This would greatly help us make a software useful to the maximum of organizations (and you).

And you're naturally welcome to try out the demo and share your impressions.


Please do send us an email.

We are also on Diaspora !

Free software

Abelujo is free (libre) software, licenced under the GNU GPLv3.

It is developed with Django (in Python) and Angularjs (Javascript side). The sources are available on gitlab with their related technical documentation.