• NEW! Our web solution with online payments. Our bookstore web solution (see the demo here) allows clients to browse your books and order them. We also develop an open-source online catalog. Clients can browse your shelves, order books, and (optionally) pay online. Learn more.

  • Search and register books Search by ISBN or by a free search. We search either on professional book data providers or on free internet sources. As for now, we can search books of the following countries: France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Portugal.. Do you need another one? Ask us!

  • Stock management Buy, sell, move books, and get the up to date information of your stock in a few clicks.

  • Clients and commands Reserve a book for a client, sell their reservations in one click , send emails and text messages, see your clients' history.

  • Statistics and accountability Revenue, partition by a product VAT, best sells, age of the stock, shelves rotation...

  • Deposits If you have deposits from suppliers you'll know in one click what's the current situation.

  • Barcode scanner It just works and it is straightforward to install.

  • For bookstores Abelujo can be used by associations or professionals.

  • CDs, DVDs and any other product with its own VAT.

  • Translated Abelujo is available in English, French and Spanish.

  • And more Sells history, lists of books… everything is in the documentation ;)

They trust us

Abelujo is used daily by bookstores, teashops, restaurants, theaters, associative bookstores and invividuals.

La Palpitante, a generalist bookshop, +19.000 books on 135m², employs 2.3 persons, since January, 2020

Oh Les Papilles, specialized in children's books, at Aix-en-Provence, +10.000 books.

L'Introuvable, specialized in comics, new and second hand, from Quimper.

la librairie Météores from Brussels, bookshop café and publisher,

la librairie Les Guérillères,

Plumes du Monde from Dakar,

Le Blason, a regionalist bookstore, at Aix-en-Provence (France),

and many more clients and users again in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Greece and maybe somewhere else!


Abelujo is a web application. When it is installed, you can use it with any web browser from any platform.

You can install it on your personal computer or on a web server. It runs on a GNU/Linux system (LinuxMint, Debian, Ubuntu, Trisquel, …).

To install Abelujo on your machine, see the technical instructions on Gitlab.

If you don't want to install it, it's simple: call us, we do it for you on our servers, and we stay for a customer support. You then access it with a web browser, just like any other website.

How to support the project

You can become a client, and have us provide your Abelujo + the online catalogue for you.

We welcome any feedback and contribution.

You can support us on Patreon:

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Please do send us an email.

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Free software

Abelujo is free (libre) software, licenced under the GNU GPLv3.