The stats show:

  • the quantity of products, of titles, books, the stocks's total value ,
  • for a given month, the total revenue, the total number of sells, the mean of sells, the best sells
  • the age of a shelf (shows the repartition of the age of the last sell for every book). Answers the questions: this how long did I sell a book of this shelf ? Is this shelf dynamic, have I been selling more books of it in the last three months than in the last year ?
  • the stock rotation: rotation of new and old stock, and rotation of each shelf.

In the History page, we can also see the total number of sells for a given month and a given supplier, alongside the total revenue, the sell mean and the best sells.

Here are a few screenshots:

Export d'une liste au format pdf

Age of a shelf: here 18% of books present in this shelf weren't sold since more than 24 f.months