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Our services

  • installation and online formation
  • hosting on our servers
    • free updates during the year.
  • we can create your bookstore website, given your graphical wishes.
    • with or without online payment

Online solution

Our web solution for bookstores is our fully-featured website to publish your books' catalog online and enable online payments.

The online command is optional. Tell us what you want.

We also develop an open-source books catalog that you can self-host (sans online payments).

With our associates, we develop your own website with your own graphical theme. You'll get:

  • static pages (welcome page, contact, etc)
  • a "blog" (optional)
    • we can automatically publish new articles to Facebook and your mailing list.
  • an interactive widget to see your books selection and the new entries
  • a search field
  • everything is responsive (works for computers, tablets and smartphones)
  • you have access to visit statistics, respecting the GDPR reglementation (no cookies banner to click)

As an administrator, you get:

  • an administrative panel
  • the possibility to export accounting reports of your sells
    • with the right VAT applied to books, other products and shipping costs.

How much

A website costs between 1800 and 4500€ the first year. The ready-to-use catalog is cheaper than the full-featured website.